Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Visiting the capitol

Hi everyone, I am in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, for a quick visit and am taking advantage of the fast internet for a change. Wow, Yaounde is a lot more fun than the first time I was here. I have been able to check out a few restaurants in town, go pagne shopping, and was also able to celebrate (and watch) the inauguration (yeahhh!!) yesterday on CNN all night long. It is a very, very nice vacation needless to say. I went to the grocery store today and almost cried looking at all food in the store (there was a refrigerated dairy section!) Tomorrow I have a few more things to do here and then I will start heading back to Banyo on Friday.

Hope you all enjoyed the inauguration celebrations-I really wished I was in DC there but everywhere we go here we see Obama t-shirts and pins and get congratulations. It is amazing the positive impact this election has had on how the rest of the world sees America.

All my best and stay warm!


Roger B said...


It's veerryyy cold here in northern michigan. Vacations - a very good thing. Although the best vaca's are enjoyed at Lake Superior Provincial Park... even if your dad is the "cruise director":)

The sauna is good and your dad is have fun throwing snowballs at me... some things never change!

Keep up the wonderful work!


Roger B

Leigh said...

Hi Anna!! Heath and I have been reading your blog and are living vicariously through you at the moment. Today is the day that we turn in our medical forms! Mini hooray! We received an email that if all goes smoothly (cross your fingers) we will leave in October or November! My grad school classes end on August 6th and our second wedding (we eloped in October when PC changed their rules on how long you had to be married to serve together) is August 22 in Denver.

Cameroon seems like a beautiful country with amazing people. I will keep you updated on our progress - Love to you from me and Heath!