Friday, October 24, 2008

October 24th

Hi everyone,

It is October 23rd, 2008. Sorry I have not been able to write or post in awhile. I have not had much luck with internet connections lately! All is going well here-We are in our fifth week of training here. Half way through! We are still with our host families but will be finding out our posts next week as to where we will be living and working the next two years. We will actually go and stay at that site with our counterpart or the current volunteer posted there the first week of November. Yes-the week of the election so I will be bringing my radio with me so I can hear the all the news on BBC in case I am without a TV that week. Send all the news you can my way!!

My days are filled with French and Fulfulde lessons along with health and cultural sessions as well. We all went to a football (soccer match) last weekend together. It was the local city’s club team against a club team from Zimbabwe and the local team won 4-0-pretty good match! I think four litres of water evaporated from my body during that game though! It is still really hot here!

The children in my host family are warming up to me. The little boy (see entry below) has gotten over his fears and is happy to see me now! After classes all day I usually play with them in the courtyard before the sun goes down (around 6:30 every night) and then I get ready for dinner and bed. They are super cute and the brand new baby (who is a month old now) is getting bigger every day.

There is a market every Sunday in our town that brings in hundreds of people from all over northern Cameroon. It is reallys something to see. Hundreds of little stalls selling onions, mangoes, tomatoes, small electronics, meat, fish, kitchen pots and pans, buckets, and the colorful cloth called pagne that women have tailored here into dresses and such. I have had two dress/skirt combos made so far (see entry below too!) which is quite an experience from negotiating the price to negotiating the pattern to have the cloth made into! Hopefully I can post more photos of me soon in my outfits (given working technology!)

I went for a run last week around the field while everyone else played soccer. It was the first time I have run here and it was so funny because young boy or guy I came across said, “Have a good run Madame” or “Good Luck Madame.” Very formal! In the bigger cities you will find men and women running for exercise in the streets. So dad you have can have a career here too! J

I hope you are all well-I received two letters this week and was so happy to get them! Keep them coming! Knowing you are all there thinking of me really helps! I have sent many letters your way as well so I hope you receive them soon! I will write hopefully within the next two weeks. Love-Anna

Here is a posting from Oct. 10, 2008 that I did not get a chance to post:

As I write this a huge rain storm is brewing above me. It is Friday night and we just finished up with course for today and I am staying late at the training house to write this with a “safe outlet”. Ok, the rains have begun and I keep losing power so this may have to be short. Things are going well here. This week was a lot better. We had some interesting sessions on behavior change, health communication, and language picked up a bit. We also got to visit the local district hospital and talk with clients and doctors which was really interesting. I also played in this weeks soccer match with other trainees and trainers-so nice to just run around a bit and not just be sitting. I did have a cold for most of the week but I think it may be finally passing! It is still real hot here but everyone says it will cool down soon (but the rains will stop then so take your pick!)

Here are a few things that come to mind that have been memorable thus far:

My host brother-he is about 2 years old and is deathly afraid of me (because I am so deathly pale I assume!) Whenever he is alone in the same room with me he starts whimpering and runs away. It is much better however than one child that was dragged screaming bloody murder to me by his mother the other afternoon-apparently we are very scary to the babies J The older ones love us though and constantly follow you down the street saying, “Bonjour, Bonsoir Nassaro.” Nassaro I believe is the local word for foreigner. I think I may have talked to the right person though because I am getting a lot of “Bonjour Anna” now instead. Progress!

The rains! Man when a storm comes in it really comes in. The skies darker (hopefully I can download some photos as well to this showing this) and it cools down considerably and then the winds pick up and then, “Wooosh!” Sheets of rain.

Pagne dress: I went with my host sister/cousin the first weekend I was here and purchased some cloth to make some dresses out of. That was the last time I saw the material as it was whisked away to the tailor that night. A few days later I was handed a dress that you will see me in the photos. It actually turned out pretty nice but I believe that the tailor is making the exact same dress again with the extra material! Guess what mom will be getting as a present-hahah! I liked the material at first because I thought there were trees on the material and it was green and blue. Come to find out is actually fruit! Whops!


Stormy said...

erI will love a dress...even if it does have fruit on it. Maybe BECAUSE it has fruit on it! Very good to see your face in the pictues. You don't look deathly pale to me; but then you are not black, either! All in the comparison, I guess. Write when you can. We will be keeping our fingers crossed for a good posting next week. OXOOXlove, Mom OXOXO

Sarah said...

Anna, I'm so excited to hear from you! Glad the internet worked today! We're all praying for you and I think of you everyday. It's wonderful to read your voice and hear your experiences. I look forward to seeing more pics of your new wardrobe.
Love, Sarah

Lynnae said...

So great to hear from you again, Anna! It sounds like things are going a bit better than they were initially. I'm happy about that. How hilarious that your little host brother was scared of you. Maybe he thought you were a ghost! :) I got your postcard the other day. Thank you for that! I hope you got my card by now. Expect another one soon. Miss you lots! ~ Lynnae